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Prosana Hair Serum



  • Provides a protecting and repairing effect for hair follicles.
  • Slows down the hair ageing process
  • Activates genes involved in tissue building and repair thereby strengthening the hair
  • Stimulates scalp circulation for healthy hair growth.
  • Slows down the rate of hair loss



  • Purified Water, Propylene glycol, Ethanol, Pyriodoxine (Vitamin B6), Procapil, D Panthenol, Biotin, Chamomile extract, Arnica Extract, Inositol, N-Acetyl cysteine and Caffeine.


  • $60 (Includes Shipping World Wide)





  • Procapil Hair Serum
  • Intensive Hair Growth Shampoo
  • Hair and Nail Booster Capsules


Overall Benefits

  • Keratin Infused and Sulphate Free
  • Protects and Repairs Hair Follicles
  • Stimulates Growth and Strengthens Hair and Nails


$100 (Includes Shipping World Wide)





Ethanol extracts have provided a positive impact for hair growth as it improves blood flow to the scalp.


Vitamin B6

Increases the flow of oxygenated blood to the scap which allow hair follicles to metabolize proteins such as keratin and melanin. This promotes hair growth as well as restore your natural hair colour.


Arnica Extracts

Stimulates hair follicles by rejuvenating your scalp which assists with the strengthening of your hair.


Chamomile Extract

Helps strengthen the root of the hair as well as safeguard it from extreme weather conditions.


Saw Palmetto Powder

Inhibits the body’s DHT production which is the main cause of hormonal hair loss.


N-A Cysteine

An amino acid responsible for the forming of disulfide bonds which are essential for the growth of healthy hair.



Derived from Vitamin B-6, it inhitbits the production of DHT in your body and simulate the androgen receptor.





A moisturizing ingredient which allows hair to grow healthier and quicker, plus reduces hair breakage on the scalp.


Camelia Sinensis Extract

Also known as Green Tea Extract, improves blood circulation to the scalp as well as regulate testosterone levels which prevents testosterone from being transformed into DHT.


Zingiber Officinialis Extract

Also known as Ginger Extract, makes your hair grow stronger and repairs hair follicles from environmental factors such as heat and pollution.


D Panthenol

Derived from vitamin B 5, D Panthenol has multiple natural benefits for hair, as it thickens, moisturizers and promotes healthy hair growth.


Caffeine Anhydrous

Has proven to provide amazing benefits in regards to hair growth, as it helps suppresses DHT and stimulates hair growth by absorption through the scalp.


Keratin Hydrolyzed

Replenishes hair which feeds and improves weak and brittle hair.



Powerful Hair Growth Ingredients in Prosana Hair & Nails Capsules

When you are looking to boost your hair growth, Prosana has a number of active ingredients that are beneficial. The capsules can be taken daily to not only assist in hair growth but also nails.


The Benefits of Biotin

Biotin is one of the main ingredients in Prosana. It helps to support thyroid and adrenal function in the body and also maintain healthy hair, skin, and nails. The macronutrients will give the body more energy to help with the physiological functioning so that your hair and nails can grow more effectively.


Important Vitamins & Minerals

Several vitamins and minerals are found in Prosana, including Vitamin B12, Zinc, and folic acid. B12 will provide you with more energy, though it is also necessary to produce enzymes that help with the growth of hair and nails.

Zinc regulates cell production and helps with protein synthesis. It is beneficial when you're trying to grow your hair because it will ensure that the needed cells are being produced.

Folic acid is helpful, too, as it produces energy and assists with your cellular metabolism. Many women take folic acid supplements when they are pregnant because it assists during times of rapid growth.


Other Key Ingredients

There are plenty of other active ingredients in Prosana capsules that have a positive impact on hair and nails, too. This includes Inositol, kelp, soy protein, yeast, and gelatine.

Inositol helps with the metabolism of amino acids and can help produce hair and nail cells.

Kelp is a common ingredient in beauty products because of having a high natural concentration of calcium. It is rich in vitamins and therefore can give your body what it needs to help with cell production.

Soy protein is added protein that will give your body the nutrients and energy to grow the hair and nails while the yeast preserves the immune function and promotes healthy hair and nails so that you don't continuously damage what's being grown.

Finally, gelatin improves skin health and maintains the hair and nails so that they can grow in a healthy way.

By using Prosana, all of the active ingredients help your body in various ways to ensure you're able to grow hair and nails faster and provide them with the nutrients needed to keep them in good condition. You may be surprised by the added health benefits, too, with your skin feeling smoother and your immune system being stronger by taking the capsules.